40 Miles or Bust Training Plan

I officially kicked off my training last week for my big 4-0 this October.  With the help of my coach, Coach Braus (a.k.a. my Dad), we’ve come up with a plan that works with my schedule, and allows for a gradual build up. Here are the highlights of what is included in my custom plan:

  • My mileage will increase by less than 10% each week, a very slow and gradual build-up.
  • Even though my mileage will trend upwards, my long runs will be every other week.
  • I didn’t schedule anything beyond a 10 miler during the work week because of my time constraints (a.k.a. kids).
  • I’m going to continue taking a Shred415 class (a variable intensity interval training class, where I’m also an instructor), when I can fit it in. It serves as a speed day, a great total body strengthener, and a big metabolism booster- to keep me slim and trim.
  • I’ve included 1 to 2 rest days each week, with one following every long run.
  • My training peaks with a 30 miler (a marathon + 4 miles before the race begins), 3 weeks prior to my 40. This will be a challenge in and of itself!

Here it is! My 40 Miles or bust Training Plan:Training for 40

Wish me luck! Happy running!


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