Mommy moments

Lessons From My Stroller Strides Mornings


These we’re the days that lasted forever, although the years flew by. Little did I know four years ago that by joining this stroller–based fitness class, I’d be changing my life in so many ways.

Stroller Strides turned out to be not only a a life-changer, but a life-saver, as I battled the postpartum blues.  In hopes that I’ll have these memories forever, I wanted to jot down my most valuable lessons that I learned through my mornings at Stroller Strides:

  1. Everything you need to know about about motherhood you will learn from the moms at Stroller Strides. Sounds crazy but besides our pediatrician, the moms had all the answers.
  2. Everything about everything (best restaurants in town, where to get your hair done, how to bake a cake, etc…) you will learn at Strides.
  3. Find your village. It felt great to be surrounded by like-minded women, who I had more than one thing in common with, where I belonged! The amount of support has been inspiring. Whether it was a meal delivery or a last minute sitter, these women had each other’s backs.
  4. Eat your frogs. This lesson came to me during my instructor training. It was the idea that something you dread the most, or very much, is the first thing you should take on. It initially was meant to get us out of our comfort zone, as a shy mom, and put us front and center as a confident instructor. It took awhile for my transformation, but I’ve managed to hold onto that advice and use it in other ways. Eveytime I feel myself get nervous about something, I tell myself to eat my frogs, and take on my task immediately.  It’s very freeing!
  5. Surrond yourself with those who inspire you. I’ve found my unicorn super-mom inspirations through this group, and still aspire to reach their awesomeness, one day.
  6. Never underestimate the power of small talk. It was so very important, especially for new moms, because that time in our lives can be so isolating.
  7. It’s more difficult to stay at home than it is to leave, (especially with little ones) so leave the house everyday! As hard as getting out of the house may be at times, it’s always worth it. The kids need it as much as we do.

I will never forget my mornings as a Stroller Strides instructor, and I have a feeling, neither will my kids. Thank you, Fit4Mom/Stroller Strides, for the memories that I’ll cherish forever!




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