8 Weeks To Go!

The countdown has begun, as I’m now less than 8 weeks from attempting something that I’m totally nervous and anxious about–running 40 continuous miles. If the actual run doesn’t kill me, then it’s quite possible that my nerves might.

Overall, my training is still on target. In fact, I haven’t had any major setbacks thus far (knocking on wood). This is a first for me. I’m used to at least one injury, 1-2 major illnesses, and any number of other obstacles. Don’t get me wrong though, the sailing has been bumpy, not exactly smooth.

img_0431-12 things happen for me this week, at 8 weeks to go. First, I get to start wearing my snazzy (and blindingly bright) new shoes, the ones I’ll wear for my 40. No one will not be able to see me, let’s put it that way…

And second, my weekly mileage peaks this week at 55-60 miles. I’ve already scheduled the runs, but I’m still not sure how my body will handle to stress. I’m hoping to finish this week with some new confidence and not a broken body. It’s just a hope.img_0432

Off I go.


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