Feeling Unstoppable

Yesterday I had the pleasure of doing a professional photo shoot for the Shred415 fitness studio, where I teach. If someone would have told me twenty months ago that this would be happening, I would have said YOU’RE INSANE! Here’s the thing, twenty months ago, I was 9 months pregnant and the largest I’ve ever been in my life.

It’s crazy to think how much has changed since then, but looking back I remember how miserable I felt and how depressed that I truly was. It’s a tough place to be, 9 months pregnant, already having a toddler at home. I remember the days when I wished that I could just stay in bed, soo many days. No energy, none. And it’s not like that ends with the birth of your precious baby either. Newborns are relentless, especially overnight… Don’t get me wrong, I was ecstatic that my baby girl was born healthy and perfect (in our eyes). And living the life of a new mom, it was so hard to walk around the block, let alone think about getting back in shape. It just wasn’t a goal that I could set for myself until my daughter was sleeping better and we had finished moving to our new city, 5 months after her birth.

The changes came gradually. I was teaching Stroller Strides, running with the jogging stroller, and began experimenting with my mostly-plant based diet. I found Shred415 in St. Louis, and the rest is now history.img_0181

My point is that less than 2 years ago, I had no way of seeing what could be possible for myself.  I’ve gone from the largest that I’ve ever been to the smallest (since adulthood), but more than how I look on the outside, I have this incredible confidence now. I never dreamed what would come, how I would feel, when I became my fit self, but it’s a feeling that I can only describe as unstoppable. Fears and doubts are non-factors. It’s a feeling that brings me joy and hopefully, in time, will rub off on my children because one day I want them to feel unstoppable too.

Finally, not only do I want my children to see their Mommy happy and going for her goals (like writing my blog, posting recipes, teaching my classes), but I’d love to inspire change for my friends, family, and community. I’ll leave you with this, no matter where you are in your life, nothing is impossible. Even if you can’t imagine what’s on the radar for your future, anything, and I mean anything is possible with a little motivation and some sleep.


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